Request Form: Copy or Translation of a Diploma

This form is intended for requesting a copy or a translation of a diploma.

For the receipt of a grade record /confirmation of eligibility, [Hebrew or English], please contact the Student Secretariat of the faculty where you completed your studies.

Use this form to select the format of the requested document:

Digital signed confirmations will be sent to the requested email address.

Manual signed copies will be sent via Israel's Postal Service in three copies. 

The issuing of the certificate is not immediate.  The request will be transferred once it is entered into the system.

For further information, please contact Ms. Edna Rotter at telephone no. 972-3-6405620 or via email:


1. Proceed to PAYMENT 

Certificate Copy [Hebrew]/Certificate Translation [into English] - free of charge throughout the first year following graduation.

For a copy or a translation of a certificate from prior years - 35NIS



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