Instructions for Submitting CV and Scientific Publications

עודכן: 28.10.2015

1.  Please submit 1 copy of your list.


2.  Include all publications that are:

            a. Published

            b. Accepted for publication

            c. Submitted for publication


3.  Items in each of these subgroups should be numbered separately from number 1 etc. and listed in chronological order ending with the most recent.


4.  Items should be classified to one of the following categories:


A.  Books/Monographs Authored (Books edited should be classified to category F).


B.1. Original Articles (in peer reviewed journals only including the journal's IF/Rank)

An article appearing in more than one journal or form should be listed only once under articles, with footnotes indicating other Information where it was published in other journals.

Example:  Title of article
                   a. Am. J. of Radiol
                   b. Europ. J. of Cardiol


B.2. Case reports (in peer reviewed journals only, for faculty of Medicine candidates only)


B.3. Review Articles


C. Chapters in books


D.1. Invited papers in scientific meetings.


D.2.Papers presented at scientific meetings.


D.3. Abstracts and Proceedings.


E. Items in Encyclopedias.


F. Books edited.


G. Other publications. In this category include letters to the editor, reports etc.


5. Do not include, under any heading, a work that is in preparation and/or complete, but not yet submitted for publication.


6. Each of the items in your list should include full reference details:


a. name of authors in order of appearance in the Item (underline your name).   

b. full  title

c. name of journal or publishing house (underlined), volume, first and last pages, and year according to the following examples:


   B. Articles

     1. A. Levy, B. Cohen, C. Golan

   The Law In Israel I.

    Law and Justice 2, pp. 21-34, 1995

A. Books                                                         

1. A. Levy, B. Cohen, C. Golan                  

The History of the Jewish People              

Tel Aviv Press, pp. 600, 1990                    



7. Candidates are required to list in the original language their publications in Hebrew or English. Titles of items written in other languages should be translated into English. Please indicate original language in brackets. Articles in Hebrew should appear in Hebrew first, followed by the English translation.


8. Candidates are required to submit all books, monographs, articles in a form of disc/disc on key, including typescripts and  confirmation in writing or galley proofs from publishers, regarding books and articles accepted for publication. As for Books Accepted: Please enclose a signed contract and the book's draft on disc/disc on key.


9. Please submit in a current research summary since last promotion.


10. A list of up to ten of candidate’s most important publications since last promotion should be included (the articles must be given the same numbers as those in the List of Publications). 


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