Preventing the abuse of drugs and alcohol

Tel Aviv University, as an institution of higher education is committed to uphold the laws of the State of Israel and to take care of the University community.


As part of this policy, the University recognizes the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse by its employees and students, and seeks to bring to their awareness the damage incurred thereby.



1. Legislation:


Pursuant to the penal law, the Dangerous Drugs Ordinance and additional legislative agreements, there is a prohibition on drug abuse and a restriction on consumption of alcohol. For further reference to the legislative arrangements, hereunder is the link to national authority in the war against drugs and alcohol:



2. Disciplinary action:


Tel Aviv University operates a system of inquiry and disciplinary jurisdiction for workers and students, through which it is entitled to prosecute anyone who violates the directives of the University, its instructions and its regulations. For the disciplinary regulations, please see:






3. Professional assistance:


The University has a support system for its employees and students. Employees in a situation of distress can refer to the welfare system, located in the training and welfare unit of the Department of Human Resources. Students may also consult the unit of the Dean of Students.


4. Use Related Damages:


The use of drugs and alcohol may cause considerable damage to health. Further description of hazardous usage can be found at the national authority's website in the war against drugs and alcohol:  


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