Postdoctoral Scholarships - 10/2024

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Tel Aviv University offers 16 matching Postdoctoral scholarships for one year from October 2024 for new postdoctoral fellows who are at the beginning of their academic career. The annual amount of 100% scholarship is approximately 75,700 NIS (50% funded by the University and the remaining sum matched by the fellow's advisor). The scholarship will be granted for one year.


The offered scholarships are as follows: 


(1) 10 Harry Bloomfield Scholarships;
(2) 5 University Scholarships;
(3) One Pikovsky Valazzi Scholarship
Pikovsky Valazzi scholarship will be offered for research in the fields of applied electronics, biotechnology and applied physics, that could be potentially utilized in science based industries. Other scholarships are intended for all fields of research. 
Matching of advisor - for all types of scholarships:
  • 50% for Israeli fellow.
  • 100% for international fellow.
The fellowship is offered for one academic year, under the supervision of a senior faculty member at TAU. The fellow will not be considered a University employee, and will leave the research group at the end of the fellowship. An extension of the fellowship for an additional period will be possible only if funded fully by the advisor. 




Eligible to apply:

  • New fellows only or fellows that are expected to begin their fellowship at Tel Aviv University after April 1, 2024.
  • A candidate must have received their doctoral degree within five years prior to the start of the fellowship (October 2024).
  • Candidates who have yet to submit their dissertation by the date of the deadline, shall submit all the documents by March 25, 2024. Winners of the fellowship will produce a certificate of eligibility for PhD degree or a written proof of submission of the PhD thesis for review, no later than September 1st, 2024. Candidates who will fail to submit such a document by September 1st, will not be able to begin their fellowship and their scholarship will be immediately transferred to a candidate on the reserve list.


Not eligible to apply:

  • Tel Aviv University PhD graduates.
  • Tel Aviv University employees.


Documents required for application:

  • An application form.
  • A letter from the head of the department (at TAU), confirming the fellowship.
  • A letter from a senior faculty member at TAU willing to serve as the fellow's advisor and commit to finance the matching scholarship.
  • Letters of recommendation, as follows:

- A letter from PhD supervisor(s) (all supervisors must submit a letter of recommendation).

- A letter from researcher outside of the university in which the candidate completed their doctoral studies.

- An additional letter of recommendation, from a researcher affiliated to a recognized academic institution, per candidate's choice.

  • A short research proposal (1-2 pages).
  • Current CV, including a list of publications.
  • PhD diploma or certificate of eligibility noting the date the degree was awarded, or a written proof of submission of the PhD thesis for review.



The applications will be reviewed by TAU's Postdoctoral Committee.

The application form and all the supporting documents must be submitted by email no later than March 25, 2024 to Research Students Office. The winners will be announced in May 2024.


Additional details are available on our website or at Research Students Office:

Ms. Raya Lipcer, Postdoctoral Fellows Coordinator


Tel.: 03-6408161


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