Travel funding for PhD students who receives a scholarship

Travel funding for PhD students who receives a scholarship

. TAU provides PhD students who currently receives a scholarship with funding for travel to conferences and seminars in Israel and abroad, so that a student can be enrolled in one of these activates a least once during his/her studies

The scholarship amount is 1,000 USD. Half of the amount is covered by the academic unit and the other half is covered by TAU

.Under no circumstances the university will cover more then 500$

.A PhD Student who did not use this budget while receiving a scholarship, is entitled to use it as a post-doc (at TAU) for the twelve consecutive months after his PhD dissertation was approved

Considering the current restrictions on gatherings and travel, it will be possible to use this budget for the purpose of receiving a refund for participation in conferences and short courses that take place online. (Valid until September 30th, 2022).

.For further details please contact your academic unit

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